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With all of our products we try and take time and care in the production and quality of each item.Each product is limited in its production, unique and beautiful.
Our sheep are just getting to the point where they are producing lambs, and we have luckily been working with only one breeder (Bide a Wee Farm) who has been both mentor, teacher and friend.
We have several lambs ready for spring sale, and they will be ready for new homes some time around June 1st.  At this time we have wool in bulk ready of for spinning and weaving. Peonies make up the lion share of our cut flowers. They are available only seasonally and are always a joy. These flowers are produced on a very limited scale, and go very quickly.
Blueberries will be ready and waiting this summer. We have several hybrid New Zealand varieties that can not be surpassed for quality, flavor, and shear delight. The Christmas trees are Nobel Fir, and will be available Christmas of 2012 I hope. 

Raw Wool and pelts are available. The quality for spinning is very much sought after. 

The wool is sold in raw rough cleaned form. 

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